Top 10 Electronic Photo Frame – Kinderfahrräder

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1. N&W

N&W 7 inch LED digital Photo Frame Electronic Album HD Advertising Machine Wide Screen high Resolution Electronic Photo Frame, Resolution

N&W - Can be timed on and off: it has automatic switch function, which can set when to turn on every day, when to turn off, easy to use, easy to operate, exquisite appearance;. High resolution: built with a 7-inch high-definition LED digital screen with a resolution of 1024x60, it gives you high-definition real-life image quality and multiple functions to meet a variety of needs;.

According to your needs, graduation photos, easy to use;. Support picture loop playback: support custom switch machine, picture materials, you can play family group photo, boot automatically, etc.

Multiple functions: music and picture sync function / support full format 720P HD video playback / separate music playback function / clock calendar function, easy to use;. A variety of interfaces: u disk / sd card maximum support 32GB U disk / SD card, o output hole, USB 2. 0 interface, stereo speakers, to meet a variety of use needs;.

2. N&W

N&W 17-inch high-Definition Touch Button digital Photo Frame Electronic LED Album Wall-Mounted Advertising Machine digital Electronic Photo Frame

N&W - High definition: equipped with a 1440×900 resolution 16:10 screen, which gives you clear and true picture quality and supports multiple formats. Easy to use: support a variety of photos, music formats, easy to use, can be placed in the living room, videos, adaptability, bedroom and other places;.

Multi-function: the photo frame supports music, photos, videos, calendars, automatic power-on/off function, clocks and alarm clocks, and is more convenient to use;. Support multiple formats: image format jpeg/bmp/jpeg, o MP3/AAC, video support MKV/MOV/AVI/RMVB, etc. Multi-purpose experience: can be used as electronic photo frame, MP3 / MP4, alarm clock, calendar, stereo video player, advertising machine, automatic on/off timer;.

3. N&W

N&W 32-inch Digital Photo Frame High-Definition Display Electronic Photo Album Advertising Machine Electronic Photo Frame Resolution 1920 Times 1080 Split Screen Function Calendar/Clock

N&W - Product parameters: the outer frame size of the product is 763. 8×457. 2mm, the display area is 699. 4×393. 8mm, and the resolution is 1920×1080 Split screen function: digital photo frame supports full screen, two split screen, three split screen and other modes of display, you can freely adjust according to your needs.

Built-in cavity speaker: built-in high-quality stereo speakers with independent sound cavity module, can be used to play music videos, the sound quality is clear and beautiful, etc. Wide range of uses: not only as a digital photo frame, but also as an advertising machine, which can be used in shopping malls, supermarket, restaurants, clothing displays, elevators, etc. Wall hanging function: using scientific and reasonable wall hanging design, you can enjoy the visual feast in multiple directions without missing every wonderful moment.

4. N&W

Can Play Music/Clock/Calendar/time Switch Machine, N&W Digital Photo Frames 7 inch HD Resolution 1024x600IPS Electronic Photo Frame LED digital Screen Photo Frame

N&W - High resolution: built with 7-inch high-definition lED digital screen, with independent image processing engine, the image quality is clear, resolution up to 1024x600 IPS, the appearance is exquisite;.

Built-in sound cavity horn: built-in sound quality stereo horn, with independent sound cavity module, support lyrics synchronous playback, light and clear, can also enjoy music by connecting headphones;. Powerful compatibility: the photo frame is compatible with most HD video captured by high-definition camera equipment, providing you with realistic shooting images to meet a variety of usage needs;.

Multiple functions: music and picture sync function / separate music playback function / support 90% format 1080P HD video playback / clock and calendar, easy to use;. Exquisite appearance: two colors for your choice, ultra-thin, can also be hung on the wall, black, can be placed on the counter desktop, white, exquisite appearance, easy to use;.

5. N&W

N&W Digital Photo Frames 15-inch high-Definition Electronic Photo Frame Support Multi-Format 1080P Supermarket Wall-Mounted Advertising Machine high-Resolution Black

N&W - The best gift for the family: the ideal gift for your family, the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends, enjoy all the memories;. Easy to use: suitable for more places, installed in various showcases, can be hung on the wall, support high-resolution wedding photos, high-definition photo playback, easy to use;.

Multiple functions: can be used as electronic photo frame, video player, MP3 / MP4, calendar, advertising player, clock, automatic on/off timer;. Support multiple formats: image format supports jpeg, etc. Wma, etc. Audio playback support: mp3, video playback supports MKV, GIF, MOV, PNG, BMP, etc. ;. 15-inch high-definition screen: 1024 × 768 high-resolution HD screen, realistic display of the color and detail of the photo, 4:3 display ratio;.

6. N&W

N&W 15.6 inch IPS Screen Multi-Function Full Format digital Photo Frame Video Advertising Machine high Resolution Electronic Photo Frame 1080P

N&W - Ips screen 178° wider viewing angle: Appreciate consistent images from any angle, realistically display the color and details of photos, easy to use;.

Multiple functions: music and picture sync play function / play video / calendar / alone music play function / clock multiple functions, easy to use;. Multiple interfaces: support sd, to meet different usage requirements, U disk, o output, mmc memory card, HDMI input, high-resolution image quality is clear and true;. Support multiple formats: image format supports jpeg, video playback supports RM/RMVB/MKV/MOV, etc. Jpgg, o playback supports MP3, etc. The best gift for the family: the ideal gift for your family, friends, the perfect gift for your loved ones, enjoy all the memories;.

7. N&W

N&W 21.5-inch Digital Photo Frame Wall-Mounted Advertising Machine High-Definition LCD Display Electronic Photo Frame Memory 8G Memory Resolution 1920 Times 1080 Smart Split Screen Rolling Subtitles

N&W - Intelligent split-screen playback: 26 split-screen modes, which can play videos and pictures, scrolling subtitles, and can be played simultaneously. High-definition display: selected ips panel high-definition display with a resolution of 1920×1080, bringing you true, clear and delicate picture quality, and enjoy all your favorite memories.

Multiple functions: plug-in u disk/sd card playback, single loop playback, full loop playback, support for video/picture playback, automatic playback after power-on, support HDMI input interface, automatic switch machine, scrolling subtitles. Automatic copy + loop playback: 1. Insert the usb flash drive into the usb of the machine, 2.

Built-in 8g memory: the digital photo frame has a built-in 8G memory, playlists, background templates, automatic video rotation, supports any split screen, seamless switching to meet a variety of usage needs. The machine automatically copies the content. Wait for the machine to automatically copy the contents of the USB flash drive to the memory and unplug the USB flash drive, 3. You can freely choose and operate according to your needs.

8. N&W

N&W 12-inch high-Definition Screen Multi-Function with Human Body Induction digital Photo Frame Electronic Photo Album Video Display Advertising Machine high-Resolution digital Photo Frame

N&W - High resolution: 12-inch screen gives you 1280×800 hd resolution, the screen brightness is 250cdm², the display is clear and true, the display ratio is 16:9, and the appearance is exquisite;. With human body sensing function: the time can be set to 30 seconds / 1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes, If it is outside 1m, when the person is within 1m of the sensing area, the machine will automatically start to play, it will be shut down according to the set time.

;. Time/ calendar:pass time/calendar understanding and master the time, at night what time shut down, easy to operate, such as morning what time boot, you can set the automatic switch machine, easy to use;.

Play multimedia: play pictures or music in a separate loop, JPG/JPEG/RM/RMVB/MOV, support multiple formats, or mix and match continuous looping of pictures and videos, etc. Boot automatically play: can be set to automatically play from the boot, etc. To meet a variety of use needs, high-definition picture quality, such as automatically play music, pictures, video, music + pictures, Appearance beautiful;.

9. N&W

Support Multiple formats, N&W Digital Photo Frame 10 inch Digital Picture Frames Widescreen HD LED Electronic Photo Album Commercial Advertising Machine Video Player Black/White

N&W - Support multiple formats: such as jpeg / avi / gifmP3 / bmp / MKV / wma / mp4 / MOV, etc. To meet a variety of use needs;. High-definition picture quality: 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1024×600, giving you good picture quality and showing your photos with excellent image quality;.

Easy to use: just plug in the sd / mmc card, easy to operate, etc. You can display your favorite photos and videos or music at any time, easy to use;. A variety of features: digital photo frame as a photo / audio / video player, also comes with a clock and calendar function, support for background music playback;. A variety of uses: suitable for different scenarios, graduation ceremonies, family gatherings, such as birthdays, etc. Weddings, to bring you good use needs;.

10. N&W

N&W 17-inch Digital Photo Frame High Resolution 1440 Times 900 High-Definition Display Electronic Photo Album Photo Frame Support Clock/Calendar/Alarm Clock Timing Automatic Switch Machine

N&W - Multiple functions: with clock/calendar/alarm clock, timing automatic switch machine function, support for browsing pictures with background music MP3.

Package content: digital photo frame, bracket, manual, power adapter, remote control, product size is 420×264.5mm. Product specifications: the product size is 420×264. 5mm, the display area is 381. 3×213. 3mm, the resolution is 1440×900, and the display ratio is 16:10 High resolution: the 17-inch digital photo frame has a high resolution of 1440×900, a high-definition display, and a display ratio of 16:10, bringing you real and clear picture quality. Multiple formats: picture supports jpeg/bmp, o supports mp3/mp2/MP1, etc. Video supports rm/rmvb/mkv/moV/v/MPG/FLV, etc.